Progress Is...
Advocating for the Mon Valley/Fayette Expressway and Southern Beltway

We are proud of our role to ensure continued progress on the Mon Valley/Fayette Expressway and Southern Beltway projects.

Progress Council efforts began in 1965 with a commitment to complete the Mon Valley/Fayette Expressway. In the 1990’s the Council expanded its objectives to include the completion of the Southern Beltway.

In recent years, we formed the Expressway Partnership Initiative with businesses and organizations in Allegheny County to focus attention on the completion of the PA Route 51 to I-376 Expressway project.

Sixty miles of the Mon Valley/Fayette Expressway is open resulting in a continuous limited access toll road from I-68 in West Virginia to PA Route 51 in southern Allegheny County.

The completion of the entire one hundred-mile Expressway and Southern Beltway highway network will improve transportation access in all of southwestern Pennsylvania, address traffic congestion in key transportation corridors and serve as a cornerstone project for economic revitalization

We will continue to work with our elected officials at the state and federal level on innovative financing strategies to ensure the completion of this crucial highway network.

Mon/Fayette Expressway PA Route 51 to 376
The Mon Valley Progress Council
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