Progress Is...
A Mission and Objectives to Guide Future Actions

A mission statement approved by our sponsors guides the Progress Council. The mission statement reflects a focus on efforts to improve highway access and other efforts to promote economic development. The Progress Council's sponsors meet in January of each year to set objectives for the new year.

Mission Statement:

To be a highly responsive, proactive and innovative business-led organization that contributes toward the improvement of economic conditions and quality-of-life in the Mid Mon Valley.


Champion a local and regional transportation system that efficiently connects communities and people with employment centers and area firms with markets and supply sources

2016 Strategic Objectives

Support the development of a diverse economic base with unemployment levels lower than the national rate

2016 Strategic Objectives

Provide assistance to develop a workforce that meets the requirements of local firms and is an asset for the attraction of new firms to the region

2016 Strategic Objectives

Foster programs that establish viable local communities that support a stable to growing population

2016 Strategic Objectives

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