Executive Committee & Board of Directors

Success of the Mon Valley Progress Council would not be possible without the leadership of our Executive Committee, our board of directors and corporate sponsors. More than four decades ago, business leaders came together in the Mid Mon Valley and formed the Mon Valley Progress Council. The participation of the business community continues the mission to promote economic revitalization in our region.

Executive Committee 2015

  • John Easoz, President
  • Robert Burke, Vice President
  • Louis Quarto, Secretary
  • James Protin, Treasurer
  • Lou Panza, At Large
  • William Lee, At Large
  • Tim Urda, At Large
  • John Lackovic, At Large

Board of Directors

Class of 2015 - Expires December 31, 2017

  • William Lee
  • Louis Panza
  • Debra Keefer
  • John Easoz
The Mon Valley Progress Council
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